The Hainer Family


Ronald McDonald House

Trip to Hawaii Had Much Purpose

July, 2002

By Gene Davis

Often, families that have stayed at Hawaii’s Ronald McDonald House return to visit, but when Anneliese Mauch and Rob Hainer stopped by to say hello with their healthy and beautiful 18-month-old daughter Mia, it was part of a vacation with a theme.

Hainer family
Hainer family
The San Francisco couple was returning to Hawaii for the first time since their 2000 visit when Anneliese suddenly gave birth to Mia some 9 weeks prematurely. Much of this return trip was to re-experience and renew friendships made during their unexpected 11-week stay at Ronald McDonald House nearly 2 years ago. “When Mia was born and we went through the experience here we felt that either we would never come to Hawaii again or that we would be forever tied to the islands,” said Anneliese. “By the time we left here we knew it was the latter Rob credits the affection and support they received from so many people. ”It’s because of Hawaii’s spirit of Aloha, the other families that we met at the hospital, and the experiences we had at Ronald McDonald House,” he said.

When they had a chance to return, they decided to revisit and acknowledge the people and places that made a difference during their emergency with Mia. Besides visiting the House, they enjoyed spending time with other friends they made while here, both on Oahu and the Big Island. “It’s really about the people that we met and the people we’ve kept in touch with and the people we remember,” said Anneliese.

Mia and father
Mia and father
At the top of their list were the nurses at Kapiolani Medical Center. “They truly care, and I know we couldn’t have gotten any better nursing care anywhere,” she said. Rob is just as enthusiastic “The nurses at the hospital and the people here at the Ronald House are the lifeline that helped us in our hour of need,” he said. “We kind of decided the day we left to come back some day and tell you guys that.”  §

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