Volunteer Recognition

Karen Ehrman

Ronald McDonald House Volunteer

Auntie Karen Bakes Love Into Every Tasty Morsel

By RMHC–HI Staff

Every Wednesday afternoon the families staying at the Ronald McDonald Houses are treated to delicious pastries courtesy of Auntie Karen Ehrman. It’s a tradition that her close friend, May Balding began more than 26 years ago and that Karen is carrying on with her own flair.

Auntie Karen took over the weekly baking for Auntie May in 2010 and has offered a wide variety of treats, always accompanied by her special touch—lovingly hand-written labels listing all the ingredients and adding other encouraging words and drawings.

Volunteer Ehrman The always cheerful volunteer says, “Part of the reason for continuing the weekly jaunt up to Judd Hillside is that I feel so very blessed to have raised our children without any significant health issues.

” On her visits, Auntie Karen says that she finds inspiration. “I admire and respect each and every parent I encounter while at the RMHC Hawaii houses for their tireless devotion to the healing and well-being of their ill children. If the smell of my freshly baked cookies, bars, cakes and pies can make them feel a little bit more at-home in their temporary home, then I have helped make their day at least a tiny bit better.”

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