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The Fantastic Five

Ronald McDonald House

The Fantastic Five

September, 2010

By RMHC–HI Staff

Let’s focus our volunteer spotlight on five fantastic young women, who have become dear friends and roommates while attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa and volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. We salute Keili Geller, Amanda Castaldo, Judith Stalter, Jessica Gray, and Kseniya Naturina Fenner!

College life is a busy life, so not unexpectedly, even though the five live together, they hardly have time to see one another. But they have found that regularly volunteering together at RMHC–HI has given them the opportunity to stay connected and share quality time. “It’s our home–away–from–home too,” says Keili Geller, who was the one who introduced RMHC–HI to the others. “Because volunteering as a group at the Ronald McDonald House really gives us the chance to spend time together while still being able to help.”

Volunteers The fantastic five Keili started volunteering at RMHC–HI in February 2009. Originally from Seattle, Washington, she had seen her brother battle leukemia and pass away when he was nine years old. Later, Keili became a volunteer for the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle, Washington, and started a Teen Night Program to create specific activities for teen patients and siblings while they were at the Ronald McDonald House.

On Tuesday afternoons, Keili jumps on her scooter after class and rides up to RMHC–HI, while the others carpool over. As the five young ladies walk into the office, they greet the staff, grab a piece of candy from the candy bowl, and then divide up to help with either our Development Office or House Operations.

The hard–working quintet has helped with fundraising events, mail outs, around the house cleaning, office work, and much more. They have meant a lot to our organization and everyone here is truly grateful for their dedication. They continue to prove that it is possible to balance a busy life with making time for service to others. Mahalo ladies!

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