Volunteer Recognition

Mamie Murray

Ronald McDonald House

Mamie Murray

By RMHC–HI Staff

Let’s shine the spotlight on Mamie Murray, volunteer extraordinaire! Mamie is a familiar sight at Ronald McDonald House, as she regularly drops off Cinnabons for the families. She also volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House Family Room. Actually, she has been helping kids and families by volunteering at the House for over 20 years. Mamie was part of the original “group of trainees” when the House first got started back in 1987.

She was teaching first grade at Holy Family Catholic School and earning her Masters in Elementary Education at the University of Hawaii when she first became aware of the organization. “I heard about the Ronald McDonald House and its wonderful work in media articles, and learned of its reputation in other states,” says Mamie. “It motivated me to become part of what was obviously something special.”

Volunteer Murray She says she has “answered phones, filed papers, done mail outs, counted coins, done grocery shopping with the families, and driven the Ronald McDonald van to take patients to Kapiolani Women’s Hospital, and to pick up food at the Foodbank and Costco.”

In the House’s infancy, while working on an assignment to make cold calls and recruit businesses that were interested in lending their support, she recruited Cinnabons to be one of the House’s first business donors. To this day, she still picks up Cinnabons at the Kahala Mall store, and drops them off at the House. When families and staff see Cinnabons on the kitchen counter, they all know that Mamie was here. She is also affectionately known as the “Cinnabon Lady.”

Mamie says that she feels the Ronald McDonald House has been an important part of her everyday life—and a chance for her to make the world a better place. “I am committed to the Ronald McDonald House family for life,” she says. “I feel that I can continue to make a difference in the whole scheme of things, even with my modest contributions.”

After all these years, Mamie says she believes more than ever that the Ronald McDonald House is a place for children and families to feel safe, supported and comforted in the midst of very difficult times and says, “That’s why I’m still here!”

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