Volunteer Recognition

Yvonne & Francis Nakamoto

Ronald McDonald House

Yvonne and Francis

March, 2010

By RMHC–HI Staff

It’s really wonderful that so many couples are volunteering at RMHC–HI. As you will see, couples don’t always choose to fill the same type of volunteer roles or even volunteer at the same time. We are fortunate enough to have several special couples on our volunteer roster, but I want to shine the spotlight on Francis and Yvonne Nakamoto, whom I call “The Giving Couple.”

Francis and Yvonne have been extraordinary volunteers in two different RMH volunteer program areas. Yvonne, a retired legal assistant, is a RMH Family Room volunteer. Once every other week in the afternoon, Yvonne is at the RMH Family Room, helping to provide respite and support for families. She says she enjoys the RMH Family Room because it “allows families a place of relaxation when needed, while still staying near their child in the hospital.” Yvonne, who originally started off as a short term volunteer for RMH is now hitting her six year anniversary.

Volunteer Nakamoto
Francis hard at work in the Judd Hillside House kitchen
Francis, a retired attorney, sponsors and cooks breakfast for the RMH families every Thursday morning. Expanding on a tradition he started at his law firm, Francis prepares a buffet that usually includes hot pancakes, waffles, fried rice, sausages, corned beef hash, eggs, fresh fruits, juice, and homemade pies or cakes. The wonderful aroma fills the morning air as the families awaken upstairs. “I love seeing the appreciative smiles of the families when they walk into the kitchen for a hearty breakfast to start their day,” says Francis. “I can sympathize with their hardship and it’s heart–warming to me to bring a little comfort for them during their time of need.”

Early last year, Francis and Yvonne’s granddaughter was born six weeks premature in Connecticut. Francis spent some time up on the mainland with his daughter and her newborn child. “Today, she’s doing great and is healthier than ever, but I could certainly relate to families whose child is in the NICU,” says Francis.

Francis and Yvonne Nakamoto, a couple committed to bringing a little sunshine to others, are marvelous examples for us all, and demonstrates the fact that volunteers are the backbone of RMHC–HI. Mahalo Francis and Yvonne!

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