Volunteer Recognition

Sid and Nobu Oshiro

Ronald McDonald House

Sid and Nobu Oshiro

September, 2007

By Gene Davis

This month we shine the volunteer spotlight on Sid and Nobu Oshiro of Mililani. Nobu and Sid have been volunteering at Ronald McDonald House steadily for about five years. They are certainly earning their place in the Volunteer Hall of Fame. When not busy traveling or teaching ballroom dancing, they are always ready to step up and help with a project, no matter what it is. Often, during especially busy periods, the Oshiros are at the House several days a week, putting in long hours, but always cheerful and ready with a smile.

The volunteer assignments Sid and Nobu are involved with include helping with newsletters and bulk mail preparation; preparing materials for fundraisers and special events; coordinating holiday projects; and serving as assistants and hosts during special House functions. Their favorite project? “Boy, that’s a tough one,” says Nobu. “I guess it was when we were putting together the annual Christmas ornament for the first time.”

Volunteers SidAndNobu Volunteering together means a lot to the Oshiros, who have been married for over half a century. “We like each other’s company and enjoy working together,” Nobu says. “We also like spending time with our friends and fellow volunteers, the Asams and the Akamichis, working on projects at the House.”

“We enjoy helping others that are going through a difficult time in their lives. It means a lot to us. Whenever we leave after we volunteer, it feels good and makes us happy—and we can’t wait to come back and volunteer again.”

“Sid and Nobu are amazing,” says Michelle Takahashi, RMHC–HI’s Community Relations and Development Coordinator, who has worked closely with the Oshiros over the years. “They do everything and anything. They bend over backwards to support us, and they give so generously of their time and from their hearts. They’ve taught us so much about appreciating life’s gifts, and we’re very grateful to have them as part of our RMHC–HI family.”

In addition to their volunteering, traveling and ballroom dancing activities, Nobu says she and Sid like to go shopping. “Sid likes to shop for audio systems, and I love to shop for shoes and clothes,” she says with a laugh!

Note on the Passing of Sid Oshiro

Sadly, Sid passed away in December, 2007. Even through his battle with cancer, he continued to volunteer side–by–side with his precious Nobu. That’s just the kind of person he was—always willing to help others. He was a wonderful man with a good heart, kind spirit, with much aloha for the House, and we for him.

Nobu would say to Sid “it’s time to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House” and Sid would lovingly agree. Not only because he liked helping, but also because he knew how much Nobu enjoyed volunteering at the House, working on projects.

Nobu shared an amazing 50 years with Sid and all of us at the House feel blessed to have known him. While he is not here with us today, we know he is here in spirit, right by Nobu’s side as she continues to make a difference volunteering.

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